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Are youclooking for Mimi Full Movie TamilRockers Download Mimi isc a 2021 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directedc byc Laxman Utekar.c The story cand screenplay ofc this film isc actually based onc a 2011 Marathi film Mala Aai Vhhaychy. Thec story ofc this film has beenc taken byc Utekar ji along withc Rohan Shankar ji. Produced byc Dinesh Vijan under hisc banner Maddock Films, Kriti Sanon plays thec lead role ofc Mimi, whoc chooses to be ac surrogate mother toc a couple.

Apart fromc Evelyn Edwards and Aidan Whiteock, thec film stars Pankaj Tripathi, Sai Tamhankar, Manoj Pahwa and Supriya Pathak. The film wasc mainly shotc in Mandawa and Jaipur except forc a few days inc Mumbai. The original lyrics andc background score arec composed by AR Rahman, lyrics byc Amitabh Bhattacharya.c

Due to the COVID-19c pandemic,c the film’sc theatrical release was delayed.c The film wasc originally scheduled to debut on Netflix andc Jio Cinema onc July 30, 2021. Butc the movie gotc leaked 4 days cbefore itsc release date, cso in order cto get cahead of Pirates, Netflix decidedc to push thec release date. Film tillc July 26, 2021.

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Mimi Movie Download 1080p , Mimi isc the latest Hindi movie whichc was released onc July 26, 2021 on thec OTT platform Netflix andc Jio Play. Thec makers hadc earlier planned toc release the film on 30th July butc the film was surprisinglyc leaked on thec internet on 26th July andc hence it hasc been officially released. 6.30 pm. The screen time ofc this comedy drama movie isc around 2 hours 12 minutes. The film isc a Hindi remake ofc the 2011 Marathi film Mala Aai Whychay.

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As Mimi beginsc to enjoy thec changes that come withc pregnancy, John andc Summer learn fromc the doctor thatc the unbornc child is not mentallyc strong andc has a disability. Theyc inform Bhanu aboutc their decision notc to accept thec child. Conflicts and circumstances adversely affectc Mimi.c

What happensc next establishes thec fact that in orderc to be a parent, itc is notc necessary to givec birth to ac child. Willc John andc Summer changec their mind? Willc Mimi accept thec child withc deformity? How willc motherhood shapec her life? Director Laxman Utekar andc writer Rohan Shankar answer thesec questionsc with humor inc 2 hours 12 minutes.c

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Mimi Movie Release Date and Time

Mimi hasc been releasedc worldwide onc July 26, 2021 at 09:00 am IST . On thec other hand,c if you have ac subscription toc NetFlix, then you canc watch it byc streaming itc online. At the samec time, if you want, you can alsoc download it on yourc mobile or in Computer.

Available On NetFlix
Running Time 2:30 Hours
Released Date 26 July 2021
Language Hindi
Subtitle English
Country India

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Talkingc about the story of Mimi , a bindaas mother triesc to fix herc child’s curriculum throughc herc bedtime stories.

America is the storyc of a couple, Summerc (Evelyn Edwards) andc John (Aidan Whittock), whoc arec searching for a healthyc Indian woman toc be theirc surrogate prospect. Theirc driver Bhanu (Pankaj Tripathi), helps themc find thec right girl forc the job ofc Mimi (Kriti Sanon). They settle onc giving Mimi a hefty sum ofc money in exchange for being a surrogate mother forc them.

Dodging somec obstacles, Mimi decides toc do so for herc dream of becoming ac star in Bollywood. In anc unfortunate twist ofc the story, thec couple takes noc responsibility forc the child, leavingc Mimi in an emotional turmoil.c Will she keep thec child or abortc it as suggested byc the couple? This is thec premise on which thec in-the-moment drama of thec second half isc built.

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Mimi travels acrossc the country withc a youngc American couple, John and his wife Summersc (Evelyn Edwards andc Aidan Whittock), to hire ac young and healthyc woman as thec surrogate mother. When ac driver Bhanu (Pankaj Tripathi) overhears theirc conversation while ferrying them,c the childless couple poursc their heart outc to him.

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Bhanu agrees toc help them inc exchange for ac hefty sum ofc money andc introduces themc to Mimi (Kriti Sanon), ac star-eyed dancer inc a small townc near Jaipur whoc aspires toc become ac movie star. holds. Desperately inc need ofc money to fulfill herc Bollywood dreams inc Mumbai, Mimi isc initially reluctantc to rent out hecr womb, but eventually returns whenc John andc Summers offerc her a lucrative sum.c

Mimi Movie Cast

Let us now knowc what is thec complete cast ofc MiMi Movie.

Movie Mimi
Artists Kriti Sanon | Pankaj Tripathi | Sai Tamhankar
Director Laxman Utekar
Movie Type Comedy | Social | Drama
Full Cast of Mimi Movie

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Mimi embarksc on her journey ofc motherhood with thec help of Bhanu andc her best friend Shama (Sai ​​Tamhankar). However, anc unexpected twist leavesc John and Summers interrupting Mimi. What happensc next is a touching storyc of how ac child gives birthc to a mother.

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Is Mimi movie also available on youtube?

No, Mimi hindi full movie not available on youtube . But if you have a Netflix subscription, then you can enjoy this movie.

What is the release date time Hindi of Mimi movie?

The release date time of Mimi movie is 
26th July 202 1 , that too in NetFlix. 

Who is the director of Mimi Voot?

Laxman Utekar is the director of 
Mimi Voot .

Mimi movie is based on which Marathi film?

Mimi movie is based on the 2011 
Marathi film 
Mala Aai Vhhaychy .

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